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How are you?

Are you living an inspired and happy life? Are you living your own legend and will you be able to say that you did what you wanted to do the most when looking back on your life? Or would you say you regretted the things you didn’t do and would you rather turn back time? Do you want to learn how to reconnect with your heart’s desire? Or how to deal with that inner critic that keeps you restrained and makes you live a life where there is no room for your own desires? Are you through with falling into line, with living your life the way you are ‘supposed to’? Then you have come to the right person! Get to know the true version of yourself, with your light and your dark sides, and go on a journey to your soul, to who you truly are deep inside. Say a loving goodbye to the story that you have been telling all those years and release yourself from all unnecessary frills. Then you can be who you really are.


How are you? Are you living an inspired and happy life? Are you living your own legend and will you be able to say that you did what you wanted to do the most when looking back on your life? Or would you say you regretted the things you didn’t do and would you rather turn back time?

Many people that I meet have dreams and when they tell me about them they have little lights in their eyes, but they end their story with: “ah well, it is just a dream.” I find that such a shame, because then the dream remains but a castle in the air. I am convinced that you can live your dreams. Convinced that you can really achieve anything you want as long as you understand how your mind set works and know what story it is that you’re telling the world. Are you conscious of the words you choose? Of your own intonation? Your non-verbal communication? How well do you take care of yourself? Do you mind what you eat? Do you get enough exercise? And your environment, do the people in it give you positive reinforcement?

'Live the true version of yourself and be true to your own values'


I know, the story of life is isn’t all rosy and well. Sometimes there are times when things aren’t going well. Times when you feel that something is holding you back and you just can’t get around to finishing something or starting something up. I talk to a lot of women whose children have moved out and who want to do something that will give them fulfilment, because, no matter how successful they are, each and every one of them tell me that they aren’t happy. I see a lot of men who work very hard, but also frequently ask themselves the question: is this all? I also hear many stories of women who are at the mercy of their own emotions during their menopause. Deep inside, however, they know they are more than their emotions. And that this is actually the best time to stand for who they really are. To go for a new job, their own company or a life with a new partner, or to get out of their current relationship.

Facebook facade

When hearing all those stories I notice a wide discrepancy with what I call the “outside-stories”. I also notice that there are but a few true stories being told. And I find it such a shame. One in eight employees experiences burn-out symptoms and scientists expect this number to keep rising. One of the causes is how little fulfilment people get from their work. The extent to which you can do those things that really suit you as a person. This I call the extent to which you are living your own potential.  I believe that women and men can be far more supportive of each other. I believe they should stop pointing at each other. Jealous behaviour ought to go out the door. It is time we start helping each other, time to say yes to who we are and start showing ourselves.

Soul story telling

I consider body and mind to be one single whole. When coaching, I look at the kind of system that you are coming from, your mindset, your soul, your work and how you are moving along in your life. And, because I believe in the healing effect of yoga on the mind and the body, I will encourage you to make room in your life for yoga.

Be You ti Ful

Being a film maker, I know like no other how hard is to be yourself when all eyes are on you and what things most people do when they are nervous before going on stage. This is because we think we shouldn’t show certain things, because we think we will be booed if our trembling can be seen and that we will be seen as inferior if our stories don’t come out all flashy and cool. That’s what brings on the fear of speaking in public. I know how to get rid of it. And would love to help you. Simply because I find it such a shame when the most beautiful stories remain untold. Or when you take yourself out of the game.

No frills

So you want to learn how to reconnect with your heart’s desire? Or how to deal with the inner critic that keeps you restrained and makes you live a life where there is no room for your own desires? Are you through with falling into line, with living your life the way you are ‘supposed to’? Then you have come to the right person! Go on a journey to your true self, to who you really are deep inside.  Say goodbye to the story that you have been telling all those years and get to know your own true story. Stripped of all frills. With light and dark sides. It’s okay for all of it to be there. Only then can you be who you really are.

Unveil your story with one of my programs:

use the power of your authentic personal story

Write like a VIP in SINTRA (Portugal)

Do you have tons of ideas for a book, but no time to digest them? Do you have a million words in your diary and do they want to break free? Are you working on your (life) story and do you need inspiration to finish it?

Take a 5 day break and write and tell your story in one of the most inspiring fairytale villages of Europe: SINTRA, 30 minutes from Lisbon.

Sintra is known for its many 19th-century Romantic architectural monuments, which has resulted in its classification as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although its heritage in buildings and nature is the most visible face of the historic individuality of Sintra, a whole literary heritage has made the area a legendary reference in Portuguese culture. The place will inspire you a lot!

* breakfast, lunch and dinner (happy, healthy)
* 5 workshops
* coffee and tea
* your own private room
* visit Palace de Pena, Quinta da Regaleira and Monserrate Palace
* night walk with guide
* VIP treatment in the hotel
* All the attention of one of the best poets of Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

The price for this retreat is € 5999,- exclusive 21% VAT.

This price includes everything. Flight, transfer, breakfast, lunch, diner, excursions to all the beautiful spots in SINTRA.

Live your legend. One day VIP treatment

It doesn’t matter what the topic is. It is possible to brainstorm and talk about everything. I am your buddy, your coach, the one you can ask questions about storytelling and living the life you want to live. But please hold on, it is not talking about, it is about living the dream you want to live. I’m curious and I ask unexpected questions that open the heart. I feel a lot and know when you are making a joke about things or when you are damn serious. You can be who you are. And find out what next step you can take to write your book, your theatre play or your life story. Know that when you choose this session, you will never be the same again. So be prepared! Coffee, tea, lunch and book included.

€2997,- exclusive 21% VAT.

Honeymoon stories for wedding officiants. VIP treatment

One of the most beautiful days in your life can be your wedding day. As a wedding officiant you have a very important role. You set the tone, you invite people to come with you in the story and make this day a very very special one. As a wedding officiant you want to get inspiration. From colleagues, from books, from films, from music. And you have your own special stories you want to work on. Come and be inspired by one of the loveliest wedding locations in Eindhoven, the Wasven farm. Under a very old tree (350 years old) you will tell your special stories and I am with you whole day long to inspire, teach, stretch you and your stories. You will write several stories, work on some poems. I am there for you! Coffee, tea, lunch and sweet surprise are included.

€997,- exclusive 21% VAT.

Patterns, stories and new beginnings!

Are you done with falling into the same pitfalls over and over again? Do you want to get rid of that old story that keeps you from taking the spotlight with your talent, vision or invention, for once and for all?  Choose the patterns, stories and new beginnings sessions. In seven 60-minute sessions we will examine your patterns. What is that stops you from fully developing yourself? In which things do you hold back? What story do you keep telling yourself that always keeps you from taking the steps you want to take? In seven creative sessions in the play ground of life you will get to know yourself in a completely new way. And your heart will start to beat faster again; the light in your eyes will come back. You’ll start with telling me your story. That will be our starting point. But beware, I doze off when it is not authentic. If I even notice one old argument, I go into sleep mode and I will immediately give you feedback on what you’re doing. In those seven sessions, you will work towards a ritual to fortify and perpetuate your new story, keeping it with you at all times. And yes, that may mean that you will have to do something new and terrifying. These sessions are right for you if you really want to do away with those old patterns, patterns that do not serve you any longer. They will teach to look at yourself in a loving manner, after which you can take new steps in life.

Prize: €3997,- exclusive 21% VAT.

It is a Be You Ti Ful day!

With these words I do begin my day, everyday! I believe that we do have the opportunity to live our lives with love and compassion. We can look at the things that happen and understand why this is happening. Without feeling guilty or overwhelmed. My whole life I am inspired by observing the behavior of people. Thats why I chose to be a director of films. I wanted to know their stories, their secrets, their moments of happiness and sorrow. But I really wanted to know who they were, as a human being. How they coped with life and what they did for living a happy life, or did not dare to live life that way. Not by marking them as good or bad, but by witnessing them in pureness. More and more I explored that it was not at all about diploms or medals, but about being you. That is where connections can grow. And I mean real connections from heart to heart. My lessons in life were challenging. I grew up as a child that knew everything about missing the real connection with myself. I did not know who I was and what was good for me. I knew everything about the needs of others and set that as goal in my life. I noticed that I was continually keeping back; that I didn’t shine and was losing my authentic self. I saw that I was forcing myself to keep up appearances, that my life was like a photograph that had long faded; that I wasn’t living a fruitful life any longer. Then yoga came into my life and I followed various programs at Phoenix opleidingen where I learned about Communication Programs and Family Constellations. Now I can say that I am happy with who I am, and that I do not have to change the life of others but can be a very clear mirror to them. Not by knowing what is good or bad, but by knowing and feeling my true self. That is why I have a calm and warm heart, a happy body and a curious mind. I know a lot about the power of words and the art of listening. I invented the Soulstorytelling method to inspire leaders to listen with their heart. And some sentences of the book “Le petit prince’ keep on inspiring me. The vox in the book told the little prince this: “And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Have a Be You Ti Ful day!

Happiness from the inside out

Happiness is often the theme of my work and therefore I decided first and foremost to be happy. I learned to do so by doing more and more of the things that made me happy, instead of surrendering myself to the other. By doing yoga, by listening to music, by being outside a lot and by walking bare footed. By realizing that my inner critic was tearing me to pieces each and every day. Foremost, by focusing on the things that were working and were flowing. Not just love relationships, but also business relationships revolve around telling your own truth. Your truth and not THE truth. Because the truth doesn’t exists. Everything that exists is but an interpretation that we make in our minds, and that is simply different for everyone. It’s about acknowledging that what you want and feel isn’t crazy. In fact, it is totally me and it suits my personality. And you cannot say that if you want to be taken seriously you have to adapt to the other person, at the cost of yourself.

No, it is not so that I never do that anymore, but I notice it much earlier on when I am not true to myself and my values.

I have  surrounded myself with people who love me for who I am, I coach people with the Soulstorytelling method, I help people with writing an d telling their personal stories and I am a wedding officiant in Eindhoven. I live together with Peter Pan and Chica Coco Chanel, the cuddliest cats in the world.


Around me I often see people who hold on to something out of fear – their work, their friends, their relationship – and who are paying a heavy price for it. Often it takes its toll on their health. I truly believe things can be different. That you can find your uniqueness again and that with it you can contribute something to the world.  Simply by being in it. And by that I mean by being present in the here and now. That’s my motivation for doing what I do. I inspire others to live from their core. And that way they can reconnect with their heart’s desire. How? You can experience how in the programmes that I offer. Want to get to know me? Get in touch. And we’ll meet in the play ground. Yes, really! On the swings and the slides. Because that’s where all masks come off and where you will show me who you really are.

My passion

The stories of Clarissa Pinkola Estes in the Women Who Run with the Wolves and The Dancing Grandmothers touch my heart because they expose the soul and describe the enormous power of womanhood. And the works by Jonathan Fields and Brené Brown inspire me again and again.

What my recipe for happiness is? Starting the day with yoga. That gives me focus and strength. And then coffee.

I enjoy telling stories that connect people. To each other, their business, their mission or themselves. That makes me very happy and others as well! That is why I have created “Marriage for one day”; and also because making connections between people and organisations is important. When people connect with their why, when organisations start to live their why, then things will start to shine. And both people as well as companies become very attractive. 
‘Marriage for one day’ is suitable for jubilees, for example when you are married one, two or more years or if you want to promise faithfulness to yourself. See the special website for ‘marriage for one day’ (

By the way, I am a registrar for the city council and therefore I am also licensed to officially marry people.

My favourite customers?

Entrepreneurs who do good work, but are having a hard time bringing their work into the limelight. Or board members looking for their own authentic flesh-and-blood story, but who haven’t yet found the words. Or men and women who want to stand out, but who haven’t yet found the courage to be truly different and thus be truly themselves. Or companies that seem utterly boring, but are full of passion deep inside. In short, my favourite customers are people who want to reconnect with their heart’s desire and who want to live and love from their core and who want to be true to that. Are you up for the challenge?

“Living your own legend is the only thing you are obligated to do as a human. If you really want something the entire universe will band together to make sure you will make your dream come true.”

From The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.


Do you want to know more or do you want to meet? I would like to meet you personally in a play ground. Will you let me know what your favourite play ground is? Then we’ll talk over there and have some coffee.

Call me at +31(0)6 – 533 211 31