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Being meaningful in life. Describing this in words. And then putting it into action and building upon it.

You want to live your life with a mission. And the greatest happiness is to give yourself the gift of time to reflect on what is truly important in order to carry out that mission. You know that you must, and that the time has come, to listen to the message of your heart and soul.

You feel that message and put it into words as best you can. But you speak with so much more than words. With you are guides, spirit animals, archangels, ancestors and many elements from nature that, through your energy, help you tell your story. In a Soul Poem, they all have their say; you hear them as you’ve never heard them before. They accompany you in your daily life, and communicate with you every step of the way as you carry out your mission in life.


Anyone who has a goal behind a text, or a mission to perform in this world, is an open channel and wants to feel and nurture that channel, to always keep that channel open. So that not only the words flow, but also your life’s work. I believe that you found this page because you too have a mission. And that you want to do everything in your power to be that pure instrument of the universe that you know yourself to be.

In a Soulful Session, we listen to the story of your soul and I give words to whatever else I see, hear and feel from a different perspective. A new vibration arises. When that flows and merges, something magical is created in words, on paper. And that something magical opens you up as the channel that you are, but also stays with you; you hold on to it, tangibly, thereafter. As you talk, the words are channelled through both you and me. It is raw energy in poetry form that is not only written but that comes alive in your heart, soul and intuition and in the mission in your life.

A Soul Poem is your personal coach from the universe, translated into words of pure alignment that you take home with you. Can you imagine all that will happen for you then?

Choose My Soul Poem and gain crystal-clear insight into the messages of your soul and essence. We will have a conversation via Zoom and after that I write a Soul Poem for you. After this we schedule another 30 minute session where we can talk about your next step. Love to meet you! 
€197,- / $ 239

All you have to do is book a Soulful Session with Linde. View the options in her agenda or first read the stories of those who have already received a Soul Poem. Don’t wait too long. Let the magic come …

Choose Our Soul Poem and dive into the stories your community, business or family bears deep within. I will talk to a maximum of four people of your team or family and write a Soul Poem for you. After this I will have another 30 minute session with one of you where we can talk about a next step or something else that needs to be expressed or receive a beam light.
€ 997,- / $ 1212,-

Would you like to have Linde’s Soulpoems at your event? Check the possibilities. Your guests will love their gifts…

And last but not least
Do you want to know how I work and write? Want to learn to receive messages and shape them into stories? Then take the first step and experience how you put your creative writing muscles on receiving. Choose Your Soul Poem and receive inspiring exercises for five days in a row. You will receive personal feedback on everything you create in the private Facebook group. € 33,- / $ 39,- 


Before the door closes...

Frank conversations at the end of life

When the end of life is near, you may find that there are questions that you have not yet asked each other. Perhaps you think it is too late to ask, or you feel embarrassed.
Perhaps a loved one’s life ended unexpectedly, and you never got the chance to ask the questions you wanted to ask.

I lost both my parents suddenly. One day they were there, the next they were gone. That’s when I realized how important it is not to put off or shy away from asking your questions. 
Allow me to guide you in these conversations and help you give voice to your questions.

If you want to find the questions that are deep within you. If you are longing for words that describe your feelings and questions. If you are brave enough to stand up and share what is in your heart.
Choose Before the door closes… 3 sessions one on one: € 299,-

If you know death is around the corner and you are struggling in your life. If you really want to express your feelings to each other and want to dive deep into your stories.
Choose Before the door closes… 3 sessions duo: € 499,-

On giving voice to what’s in your heart


I know
I knew 
I already was ready for my real me
The essence of my soul was still waiting
divine timing
suddenly here
of all

Again and again
hardly cannot belief
 I loved, I run, I fall, I cried, I was and left
And you
did the same
I only saw you smiling

Be You Ti Ful!

I am Linde ten Broek, guide, storyteller and professional copywriter for some 23 years. My clients range from private individuals to major companies. I have made films and written thousands of commissioned stories. I pride myself on delivering more than just copy. I have always had an open line with the universe, and I hear and read in my clients’ words and texts something ‘extra’, which I then incorporate into my writing. There is so much more in a person’s energy than what they can say in words. And when you are aware of that something ‘extra’, and can translate it onto the page, then it can manifest itself—the vision in energy also becomes reality. This has always been my strength as a writer: not only writing, but also listening and channelling, and thus involving the entire universe in the goal behind the text.



I see so many people around me who are desperately holding onto something—their work, their friends, their relationship—and paying a high price for doing so. Very often this comes at the expense of their health. I truly believe things can be different. That you can regain your individuality and make your contribution in this world. My goal is to inspire you to live from your essence, to take action, to be. And this you can experience in a Soulful Session in which I hear, see, feel and tell your unique story, your vibration, through the form of a poem. A Soul Poem.

Words are channelled through me that do what they must do with people. Words can be harsh, bare and factual, but words can also make a work of artand that is what a Soul Poem is. It is composed of the words that flow from your energy and create an art form that manifests itself through me. It is yourenergy which I write down for you, for you to take with you into your day. Words are so formative, so powerful. A Soul Poem is the vessel that holds your words, words designed for you, and which set your heart and soul on fire. When you read it aloud, you are doing magic with words from the universe. 


My passion

The stories by Clarissa Pinkola Estés in Women who Run with the Wolves and The Dancing Grandmothers move me because they expose the soul and describe the unparalleled power of womanhood. 

My recipe for happiness?

To give me focus and strength, I start the day with yoga. Then coffee. And of course, my garden.

“Living your own legend is the only thing you are obligated to do as a human. If you really want something the entire universe will band together to make sure you will make your dream come true”

From The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Last week, I had the delightful experience of connecting with Linde ten Broek via a video chat. Linde asked me about myself and my dreams and the next day I received an exquisitely beautiful Soul Poem that was deeply personal and touching. If you have an opportunity to connect with Linde you will receive words and inspiration from the heart.
My poem was written within a blue (my favorite color) – Janice –

Linde has a truly beautiful gift for connecting with your soul and reflecting it back through her poetry. I am delighted with my Soul Poem and feel such a special connection to Linde for capturing my essence in her words. I would highly recommend her – Suzi Turner –

I have let the Soul Poem sink in now. Thank you again. It really resonates with me
XXX Anne Marie Shefchick

Oh, Linde! That was the most beautiful thing I have ever read. Tears are flowing as this has touched my soul deeply and beautifully. A true gift of love and inspiration. Words cannot describe my joy at this moment. You are o, so wonderful!  – Teresa –

It was a very special experience to receive my personal poem from Linde. Like a bungy jump experience –only with words.  It started with a conversation, and the next day I received my words in my personal poem. With Linde you are in a safe space to open up new dimensions of your own life and receive a blessing that inspires you to grow and expand. To me, the words felt like a healing balm for my soul, a mirror of the uniqueness inside me. It is a treasure box I will use in my personal life as well as professional work as a creative designer – Sidsel Solmer Eriksen, Creative Director & Owner, Spread Studio –

You are that person; you genuinely listen and that is your sell. The Soul Poem is possible because you listen to know the person and not to answer – Isabel –

A HUGE thank you to Linde ten Broek for the soul poem that touched me deeply and sparked inspiration deep within me. This was a beautiful gift and I am so grateful 🙏🙏 You are beautifully talented Miss Linde

The tears flow as my heart overflows with joy and gratitude for your amazing gift to capture the essence of a lifetime in so few words. So powerful, your words unleash the memories shared over 55years to be revisited again with all that was, is, and will be. With tremendous gratitude, love & light, 🙏Janice💖💕

To say that Linde has a way with words would be putting it lightly. The rhythm in the words and the emotion she captures, stirs the spirit. Her Soul Poems call you back to the truth of your essence. It’s like a deep breath of fresh air for your soul. I highly recommend talking with Linde and receiving your own Soul Poem. It’s the gift of self-love that keeps on giving. This experience was a pure delight. I feel like this poem is a touchstone that I can return to when things get hectic. Thank you so much, Linde! – Tracey Ann Rose –

Dear Sweet Linde! Thank you SO much!!! This is beautiful. 🙏💜💝. Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday so it was super meaningful to receive this then. I will send this heart and the full poem to my mom. It sure does need to be read to let it sink in. Big and beautiful work you do!!! Wow!!! Xoxo Much Love to you! – Wendy

Dear Linde
Thank you so much for my Soul Poem.. It is beautiful and touches my heart.. I will treasure it and let it flow over me to take me deeper… I can feel the peace it already has shared with me.. Bless you for this gift you have given me.. I look forward to sharing more gifts with you.. – Jenny xxxx –


Thank you so much!! The poem is absolutely beautiful.  As I was reading it I felt so connected to my soul. With gratitude, Theresa –


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