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Our Soul Poem

‘Linde has a truly beautiful gift for connection with your soul and reflecting it back through her poetry. I am delighted with my poem and feel such a special connection to Linde for capturing my essence in het words. I would highly recommend her.’ Suzi Turner.

Welcome to a Soulful session with me. I would love to hear the story of your family, your community, your business and see, sense and receive the messages of the heart and the soul. A soul knows a lot, and sometimes we forget the deep wisdom and knowledge of this in our everyday life. But once you are connected to that inner wisdom, the soul, you will know, sense and feel the true essence of this gift to the world. You will experience more feelings of belonging, togetherness, happiness, focus and energy. The poem I write for you person is a precious gift and works as a reminder. This is where you come from, this is your big why, this is why you are there and here. It can be a present for a birthday, celebration of marriage, beginning f your business or looking back on the years you are working there. It works as an affirmation, a mission and vision.  

In a Soulful session for Our Soul Poem, I schedule different sessions (maximum of five) with you and people around you, so I have input from different angles and perspectives. Every session is about 25 minutes and we will use Zoom, Skype or telephone to connect.

You receive the poem, especially written and designed, by email.  I am sure you will love to experience this and honor the words of Our Soul Poem.
€ 645,- $ 697,-

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