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Last week, I had the delightful experience of connecting with Linde ten Broek via a video chat. Linde asked me about myself and my dreams and the next day I received an exquisitely beautiful Soul Poem that was deeply personal and touching. If you have an opportunity to connect with Linde you will receive words and inspiration from the heart. My poem was written within a blue (my favorite color). Janice

It was a very special experience to receive my personal poem from Linde. Like a bungy jump experience –only with words.  It started with a conversation, and the next day I received my words in my personal poem. With Linde you are in a safe space to open up new dimensions of your own life and receive a blessing that inspires you to grow and expand. To me, the words felt like a healing balm for my soul, a mirror of the uniqueness inside me. It is a treasure box I will use in my personal life as well as professional work as a creative designer. Sidsel Solmer Eriksen, Creative Director & Owner, Spread Studio

Dear sweet Linde, These Soul Poems are truly magical. I didn’t know what to expect, and certainly wasn’t anticipating anything like this could feel so personal and so true to my heart. My Soul Poems are extraordinary! They truly feel like a gift from the Universe just for me.
I am deeply grateful for your gifts and generosity in delivering such exquisite messages. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Kari Samuels

Linde has a truly beautiful gift for connecting with your soul and reflecting it back through her poetry. I am delighted with my Soul Poem and feel such a special connection to Linde for capturing my essence in her words. I would highly recommend her. Suzi Turner

I have let the Soul Poem sink in now. Thank you again. It really resonates with me
XXX Anne Marie Shefchick

Oh, Linde! That was the most beautiful thing I have ever read. Tears are flowing as this has touched my soul deeply and beautifully. A true gift of love and inspiration. Words cannot describe my joy at this moment. You are o, so wonderful! Teresa

You are that person; you genuinely listen and that is your sell. The Soul Poem is possible because you listen to know the person and not to answer. Isabel

A HUGE thank you to Linde ten Broek for the soul poem that touched me deeply and sparked inspiration deep within me. This was a beautiful gift and I am so grateful 🙏🙏 You are beautifully talented Miss Linde

The tears flow as my heart overflows with joy and gratitude for your amazing gift to capture the essence of a lifetime in so few words. So powerful, your words unleash the memories shared over 55years to be revisited again with all that was, is, and will be. With tremendous gratitude, love & light, 🙏Janice💖💕

To say that Linde has a way with words would be putting it lightly. The rhythm in the words and the emotion she captures, stirs the spirit. Her Soul Poems call you back to the truth of your essence. It’s like a deep breath of fresh air for your soul. I highly recommend talking with Linde and receiving your own Soul Poem. It’s the gift of self-love that keeps on giving. This experience was a pure delight. I feel like this poem is a touchstone that I can return to when things get hectic. Thank you so much, Linde! Tracey Ann Rose

Dear Sweet Linde! Thank you SO much!!! This is beautiful. 🙏💜💝. Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday so it was super meaningful to receive this then. I will send this heart and the full poem to my mom. It sure does need to be read to let it sink in. Big and beautiful work you do!!! Wow!!! Xoxo Much Love to you! Wendy

Dear Linde
Thank you so much for my Soul Poem.. It is beautiful and touches my heart.. I will treasure it and let it flow over me to take me deeper… I can feel the peace it already has shared with me.. Bless you for this gift you have given me.. I look forward to sharing more gifts with you.. Jenny xxxx

Thank you so much!! The poem is absolutely beautiful.  As I was reading it I felt so connected to my soul. With gratitude, Theresa